Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pamela Bach Hasselhoff Interview with Maria Amor @ Eric Zuley Birthday Benefiting Red Cross and NGU

Former Baywatch Actress Pamela Bach Hasselhoff interview with Maria Amor.
The birthday of the year 2011 Eric Zuley AKA "EZ" Benefiting The Never Give Up Foundation and The Red Cross LA Region to raise money for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Victims come together to the Highlands in Hollywood, CA on March 25, 2011.

ill McDonald Competes at Bring It On LA Season 2 @ Aqua Lounge

Singer Jill McDonald Competes at Bring It On LA 2010 Season 2 (Formerly known as Local Celebrity LA) at the Aqua Lounge on ;October 13, 2010

ill McDonald Competes at Bring It On LA Season 2 @ Aqua Lounge

Singer Jill McDonald Competes at Bring It On LA 2010 Season 2 (Formerly known as Local Celebrity LA) at the Aqua Lounge on ;October 13, 2010

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Former American Idol Allison Iraheta performs at Highlands I Create Music ASCAP 2010

Former American Idol recording artist Allison Iraheta performs at Highlands I Create Music ASCAP Expo 2010.
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Arnold G Performs at Shine ON Hollywood "Artists Meet The Industry"

Recording Artist Arnold G performs at SHINE ON Hollywood Artists Meet The Industry in Hollywood, CA.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ingrid's Cafe Restaurant Tour & One on One Interview with Ingrid Bedrosian, Owner

Ingrid Bedrosian gives Diversity News Magazine and Diversity News TV a tour and One on One Interview of her Bistro Ingrid's Cafe Restaurant with Steven Escobar on March 23, 2011 in Beverly Hills, CA.

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Photo Courtesy of Ingrid's Cafe

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chef Francois Sarrafi is no Longer with Ingrid’s/Bistro Café in Beverly Hills, CA

On Friday, March 4, 2011 Ingrid’s Bistro Café announced that Chef Francois Sarrafi is no longer with Ingrid’s/Bistro Café, the fine Mediterranean Cuisine restaurant.
Chef Francois was with Ingrid’s Café, also known as Ingrid’s Bistro, for only two months. He was hired after answering an advertisement posted on kijiji-Los Angeles and his last day was January 29, 2011. As always, firm owners, management and the public relations firm wish him the best of luck.

Many loyal fans may wonder what will happen to the exclusive, fantastic, exquisite food at Ingrid’s Café. Well, sometimes the owner must wear multiple hats and that’s the response we have received from Ingrid. She has worn two hats in the past, as the owner and chef. Because of the current situation, the owner/chef Ingrid will take over again and will give you, the customer, some of the best exclusive flavor, taste and love to enjoy.
Per Ms. Bedrosian, Chef Francois’ departure will not in any way or shape affect restaurant operations because the menu was created by Ingrid and there will be even more exciting items introduced very soon.
“Our restaurant currently serves authentic and gourmet Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of French in a casual bistro setting. Our carefully crafted menu, extensive wine selection, impeccable service, and elegant, yet cozy, atmosphere brings the best of Euro/Mediterranean to your dining experience. Our constantly-evolving menu is based on the freshest and organic ingredients available, yet we make sure to offer the favorites that our patrons have been enjoying for years.” Said Ingrid Bedrosian, Owner/Chef.
As of now, Ingrid’s Café/Bistro Owner may consider hiring a new chef, but hopes to find someone like herself who truly enjoys cooking and can introduce new elegant dishes. Until then, she will take over for you to continue enjoying the best of Ingrids/Bistro Café Beverly Hills.

Chef Francois Sarrafi is no Longer with Ingrid’s/Bistro Café in Beverly Hills, CA

Diversity News Magazine New Policy Concerning Press Releases, Stories, Photos & Media Coverage

Hollywood, CA — Diversity News Publications PR announced on March 3, 2011 that Diversity News Magazine ( published by Diversity News Publications effective March 7, 2011 will implement a fee to post press releases or stories, including videos and photos. There will also be a fee to cover location events for requested services. 03/09-03/13
For Press Releases posting the cost will be $39.99 for word content not to exceed 350 words with one photo or flyer. For requested additional 100 words the cost is $9.99 and for additional pictures the cost will be $5.99 each.

For Video Releases, clips, or movie trailers the cost is $75.99 (You provide embed code). Accompanying promo reels will run an additional $29.99.00 each.

For a Story Posting Package, the cost is $149.99 with 8 photos limited to 350 words. If you want additional items, you will pay the prices under Press Releases or Video Releases.

For Requested Location Media Coverage, the cost is $250.00 (includes Reporter/Writer, Professional Photographer, Video/Host & Camera), with a minimum of 2 hours. Additional hours are to be billed at $35.00. Raw unedited video interview for your use is $50.00; if edited, it is $149.99 (You can get it via CD or YouSend but you pay separately for the service).
“We did not wanted to implement this new policy, but we have expenses to pay every time the we do something for somebody.” said Maria Maty Escobar, President and CEO. She continued, “Almost every time that we go in the field we have to pay our photographers, our video editor, our writers and contributors. Publicists are paying wire service companies to distribute their content and even other online publications are charging different fees. Some Public Relations firms already pay for covering their event or publishing their content because they want to reach a massive audience.”
Diversity News Publications also controls and operates other online sites such as: “Diversity News Hollywood”, “Diversity News Online,” “Diversity News Los Angeles,” “Diversity News TV”, “Serenity Business To Business”, and “Steven Escobar Blog”. Many of our photos and articles get reposted on the above mentioned publications. If you want your photo or article to be published on our additional online publications you need to pay only $19.99 for each additional site.
Mrs. Escobar concluded “Diversity News Magazine tries to save money, but people need money and our associates deserve to be paid for their craft and they also have many expenses.We hope public relations agents understand that they get paid to brand a product, service or person, so it is fair for them to invest the money that they get from their clients and continue branding them.”
Diversity News is now a full media company offering video interviews on location and distributed through our YouTube Channels ‘Diversity News TV’ and ‘Diversity News Hollywood’. Diversity News not only publishes or posts your content, but you also get free marketing all over the internet in our other social media networks ‘Diversity News Magazine’ (Facebook), ‘Diversitynewsee’ (Twitter), ‘Diversity News’ (Current TV), ‘Diversity News’ (Stumble Upon), ‘Diversity News’ (Google Buzz), ‘Diversity News’ (Digg), ‘Diversity News Publications’ (MySpace), ‘Diversity News’ (WordPress), ‘Esteban Escobar’ (Linked In), and many more.
Public Relations Agents who do a combination of multiple red carpet, viewing parties, fashion shows, awards shows, charity events and more can contact Steven Escobar to negotiate a monthly fee versus a per service fee. You can email him at: or call his cellular at: (213) 321-9408. Anyone who is interested in advertising his products or services can also to request a price list. Diversity News Publications PR division also provide Public Relation services to corporates or business owners only, if you are interested please email us at: